Eren Jaegermeister on the Rocks

sexy beasts in the cave

Hey, I'm Megean. 18, taken and I couldn't be happier, straight as a pole, Cookeville Tennessee, class of 2013, going to college to study Criminal Justice.

I am me. The girl who makes many mistakes. The Doctor's companion. The Pokemon trainer. The girl who still believes in peace. The girl who doesn't know what to believe in anymore. The girl who loves to be by herself. The girl who hates being alone. The graduate. The straight-A student. The sister. The daughter. The girl who thought she was in love that one time. The girl who doesn't come from a well off family. The girl who is looking for 'the one'. The girl who used to cry herself to sleep over that boy. The girl whose life is changing bit by bit. The girl making tough decisions. The girl who couldn't be happier.

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